Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big City Life

Josh and I just got back from a 5 day trip to Washington, D.C. to visit Matt and Wendi (you read right...NO KIDS!!) After a long day of travel on Friday we woke up early Saturday morning to go to the battle of bull run and the air and space museum. Wendi and I even found some time for shopping while the kids (and husbands) napped and ended the day with a delicious dinner and running through fountain (well just Abbey).
Wendi and I woke up early on Sunday and went for a jog (it was already 80 degrees and humid as heck at 7:30 am!!) Matt made some delicious breakfast sandwiches (thanks Matt) and we all got ready for a big day at Mount Vernon to see George Washington's home. We waited FOREVER to see his house and were all sweating to death...but there was still more to do! So we took a nice drive to the little town of Alexandria (more shopping!) and of course more eating as well. Wendi cooked dinner that night and we got the girls down for a little earlier bed time, and then we watched a movie and ate ice cream! YUM!On Monday Matt took us to the metro at 8:00 and Josh and I headed into the city. We started at Starbucks and walked to ALL the sights: US Treasury, The White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Korean Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, Jefferson Memorial....keep in mind it was about 100 degrees today and humid (I was SOAKED!) We took a break from outdoor activities and headed to the Holocaust museum and the Museum of Natural History. Josh and I had some lunch and met up with the Samples' in town. We went to the National Archives (to see the declaration of independence among other historic documents) and to the Museum of American History. But that is not where the fun ended...Matt and Wendi even took us to the National's game that night! We had awesome seats behind left field and Josh and Matt were even chosen for some gametime entertainment and were on the JUMBO-TRON throwing hotdogs! It was classic.
Tuesday was our travel day home, Wendi took us to the airport and I slept almost on every flight! We had such an amazing time and didn't want our trip to end! Love you guys and thanks again for everything!!

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